Should I ditch my Blackberry Storm for the Storm 2?

Well it’s been a solid year since I’ve made a post so I thought it might be time to put up some more good info about the Blackberry Storm.

If you are like me, you love your BB Storm. But is it worth forking out that extra cash to get the Storm 2? Personally I don’t think it is. And here is why…

Being someone who does Blackberry support, I have had a chance to play quite a bit with both the Storm and the Storm 2 and when it all boils down, there aren’t that many new features that I think justifies the cost.

While I do like the way the navigation buttons are now part of the screen and there are no moving mechanical parts, and I must mention that the Storm 2 has 2x as much memory as the original (perhaps the reason for the 2?), you don’t really notice many of the other enhancements.

The Blackberry Handheld Software 5.0 is freely available to all Storm users and I strongly recommend the upgrade to get most of the OS features of the Storm 2.

So overall, upgrade your Storm to 5.0 and I think that will make your original Storm last until RIM comes out with something new.

Speaking of something new…Blackberry’s have been a solid business device for the last several years. But with the iPhone, Google’s new Droids, and even Palm attempting to make a comeback, RIM really needs to take a deep look at some of the newer features these phones offer and consider a major upgrade. Business features are great, but even business people like fun stuff and the BBs are fairly limited compared to what other phones can do. I love my Blackberry and am keeping my fingers crossed that when my contract comes due in another year, that I will find myself with a new touch screen Blackberry device – because the Motorola Droid I bought for my wife sure is fun phone and works great for her in her business….


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