Blackberry Storm and Free GPS

So you want to use your GPS but you don’t want to pay $10/month for Verizon’s VZ Navigator?  You are just like me.

Fortunately the GPS on the Blackberry Storm isn’t locked or restricted to only using the VZ Navigator.  The Maps program that comes preinstalled on the Blackberry Storm has everything you need for basic GPS use.  It will pinpoint your location as well as show you the fastest and shortest routes.  Granted, it’s no Tom Tom or Garmin but it will do the trick.  One big thing that it lacks is actually showing you time/miles to your destination.  Perhaps it’s there, I just couldn’t easily find it.

I still prefer Google Maps – but as of right now, the GPS feature in Google Maps doesn’t work on the Blackberry Storm.  It appears that the main issue has to do with the way the screen flips around when you turn the Storm on it’s side – which is the same problem for most GPS apps on the Storm.  Google is working on a fix for it but I haven’t seen any ETA on when it will be available.  Either way, Google Maps is still my preference since it is free and taps into Google’s vast wealth of information.

I’ve also tried a couple of other GPS enabled apps for Blackberry but they don’t seem to work properly either.  Live Search installed but I can’t even get it to run.  Nav4All looked very promising until I found out the GPS doesn’t work with it either yet.

So for now, you pretty much have 2 choices – either go with the basic Maps app for free or pay $10/month to Verizon for the VZ Navigator and get a full featured GPS program.   Verizon does have a 1 month free trial on the VZ Navigator so if you are planning a vacation, save your free month and use it then.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Google Maps and will let you know when it’s been updated for using the GPS on the Blackberry Storm.


One response to “Blackberry Storm and Free GPS

  1. I’ve been using Nav4All on my Storm for a couple of days now. The internal GPS works like a charm!

    To install go to using the web browser on your Storm.

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