How to transfer video from the Blackberry Storm to your PC

After spending a week with my Blackberry Storm and taking some fun videos of Christmas and other things, I decided it was time to transfer the videos to my PC.  Plug it in via USB, copy them over and enjoy watching video – right?  Well, not exactly.

At first I couldn’t even find the videos, or anything for that matter, on my media card when browsing through Windows Explorer.  I doubled checked my phone to make sure they were on my media card and they were there.  After a little digging on my phone, I came across this setting:

Options -> Memory – > Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected -> Yes (default is No).  Now why that was set to No as the default I am not sure. I switched it to Yes, unplugged my phone, plugged it back in, and I was able to browse not only my media card but also the Blackberry Storm itself.

After figuring out how to get to the video files on my media card, I had another set back.

The Blackberry Storm uses a 3GP video format which, up until today I had never heard of.  It is a simplified version of MPEG-4 used in many mobile devices.  Unfortunately, my PC doesn’t recognized that format so I needed to find a converter.  Check out the 3GP Wikipedia page for more info on 3GP. 

Doing a quick Google search, I found a great utility called (you guessed it) Free 3GP Video Converter.  It’s part of a full suite of utilities for doing all kinds of video conversions – very easy to use and it was just what I needed.  Best of all, it is free.


This utility allows you to batch convert files (meaning you can select 1 or more files for it to convert at the same time) instead of doing them individually.  It also allows you to convert a .mpeg or .AVI file to a .3GP file for viewing on your Blackberry Storm.   Convert it and copy it over to your media card in the video folder.  It’s the only utility you need to manipulate video to and from the Blackberry Storm.

Now back to converting my videos so I can burn them to DVDs and show off my camera man skills to the rest of the family.


11 responses to “How to transfer video from the Blackberry Storm to your PC

  1. THANK YOU!!!! I will try this as soon as I get home tonight!! Thank you!!

  2. yo thanks alot man this really helped out ALOT!

  3. thks.i was really frustrated by this my self.tks again,this was alot of help

  4. OMG!!!THANKKK YOU VERY MUCH!!! U HELPED ALOT!!this was exactly what i needed man…THANKZ AGAIN!!!

  5. Thank you so much! I sat at the computer for hours trying to figure this out. After reading your article, it took seconds.

  6. I’ve done all this and I still can’t find my videos. I’ve looked all over the memory card with Mass Storage turned on and it still acts like I don’t have any media (other than songs I put on the phone) on it at all. Any other advice?

  7. Thanks it has worked for me, I was really confused.

  8. …SIGH….If I could buy you a drink I would! Thank you so much. I have been EVERYWHERE with no success. You saved my sanity!!!

  9. Thank very much!! I have been struggling with this for the past 24 hours. Kudos to you!!

    I cannot express enough thanks to you for the Free 3GP Video Converter.

  11. OMG you have no idea how much this has been bugging me and your steps were not only AMAZINGLY helpful but super easy step by step instructions thank you again your a GOD lol

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