The Storm Arrives in Time for Christmas!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks getting ready for Christmas, the end of 2008 and the falling snow every other day here in the Twin Cities.  But I am glad that my Storm (the Blackberry Storm) wasn’t delayed and FedEx dropped it off at my doorstep yesterday just in time for Christmas.

It definitely is a completely different type of Blackberry – and definitely takes some getting used to.  Eager to start using it, I was delighted to find that the battery had a 30% charge on it.  The 1st thing I did was show it to my 5 year old daughter and she wanted to start taking pictures and video.  As with anything new, it took me  a bit to figure out how to snap my first snapshot, save it and do the same with video.

After 15 minutes of fun, I was ready to get serious.  I called Verizon to activate it then wanted to see how easy it would be to do the Enterprise Activation to sync it up with my Blackberry Enterprise Server.  I logged on remotely and reset my activation password and nothing.  A simple fix of removing me as a user on the BES and re-adding me did the trick.  After another 15 minutes, I was fully activated and started trying to figure out as much as I could.

The screen on the Blackberry Storm is better than I had expected and the clicking screen actually is easier to get used to than I thought.  While I am not yet proficient and wouldn’t want to try to type a senior thesis paper using the on-screen keyboard, it probably won’t take that long to get used to making sure my fingers are in the right spot before I click.

One thing I’m a little disappointed about – the USB plug on the side is a Micro-USB port.  Looks like I will have to get a new car charger or find an adapter that converts from Micro to Mini.  But that is pretty minor.

I’m trying to decide what type of case/holster/belt clip to get.  I don’t think I just want to throw this in my pocket and take my chances.

So far, the Blackberry Storm looks great, feels good in my big hands and seems like it will make a solid traveling companion and office assistant.

I’ll keep you posted on what I like and don’t like – including any thing that I find that makes me go Wow!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


One response to “The Storm Arrives in Time for Christmas!

  1. This is a bit of a plug, but still. BB users need not worry about buying new kit due to the move from usb mini to micro. sell the usb micro to usb mini adapters so u dont need to buy new chargers.

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