Blackberry Storm vs. Blackberry Bold. Which is better for business use?

You’ve seen the all the advertising hype for the Blackberry Storm, the first Blackberry touch screen smart phone.  But what about the Blackberry Bold?

Which is better for business use?  Let me first start off by mentioning that I have used neither of them beyond testing them at the store.  I have read many reviews and gone directly to Blackberry’s website to gather as much information as possible. – after all, in 7 days my contract with Verizon is up and I qualify for the discount to get a new phone.  So I have a strong interest in making a good decision on what to get.  With that said…

Both the Bold and Storm are very similar in size.  One might think that the larger touchscreen on the Storm would make the phone bigger or bulkier but that is not the case.  The Bold definitely stays true to the Blackberry interface with a keyboard and trackball while the Storm will take some getting used to the SurePress touch screen keyboard and navigation.  Both have the tried and true Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) integration.

The Storm has a built in GPS while the Bold does not.  To use it though you are looking at another $10/month on your wireless bill.

Both appear to be rich in media applications with both supporting various audio and video formats.  The Bold has a 2.0  MP camera and the Storm has a 3.2MP camera.  Both can do video recording and have a microSD card expansion slot.  The Storm has the edge.

The battery life is similar with up to 13.5 days standby/4.5 hours talk for the Bold and 15 days standby / 6 hours talk  for the Storm.  My thoughts are that if you don’t regularly talk on your Blackberry for more than a week – you might want to consider getting something else and save yourself some money.  Again, the Storm has the edge.

By just mentioning the highlight, it’s tough to say which is the better phone.  When you compare them against the Curve and the Pearl as well, it makes it even a more difficult decision if you are trying to decide for a business phone.  The Bold doesn’t deviate far from the solid Blackberry platform that people love but adds to it the bells and whistles that people want.

So here is my verdict – the Bold is going to give the Curve a run for the money at being the best Blackberry smart phone for business.  2 reason’s its not the Storm: 1) the onscreen keyboard is going to be something that will take a while for Blackberry users to get used to since it is a radical departure from every other Blackberry.  2) IT support people and departments will be much slower to want to support the Storm for whatever reasons or perceptions they may have.

As for me, I may have bought into the Blackberry Storm hype.  Although the Bold is probably a better phone for business use, I am going to probably go out on a limb and deviate from the Blackberry I have known and get the Storm.  Hopefully in a month or so I won’t be wishing I had gotten the Bold as I will be using it primarily for business.  I still have 7 days to decide.  Only time will tell…


3 responses to “Blackberry Storm vs. Blackberry Bold. Which is better for business use?

  1. I will prefer Storm for it flexibility and features

  2. Bottom line! If I purchased a Storm in Jacksonville, Florida can I get on a flight to London then to Kenya, India and Asia and get my data, email, text, and voice?

    • blackberryexpert

      Yes that is correct. With the Storm being a Global phone you can use it anywhere that you can get a roaming signal. Be sure to have Verizon activate the SIM card for Global use (it’s not active by default). You will be able to make phone calls, send text messages, access the internet and wirelessly sync with your BES just as you would in the States. Roaming charges will apply.

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