Curiosity about the Blackberry Storm got the best of me…

Curiosity killed the cat.  Fortunately I am not a cat but my curiosity did get the best of me yesterday as I walked into a Verizon Wireless store in Eden Prairie, MN to lay my hands on a Blackberry Storm for the 1st time.  Eager to experience the hype and not just read about it, I walked up to the Storm and touched the screen.  After all, a Blackberry Expert who helps other people with their Blackberries needs to know all about how the latest and greatest works, right?

Ok so there wasn’t that much drama with it.  It was a sleek looking device and felt pretty comfortable in my big hands.  It took a little to get used to as there is no scroll wheel or track ball on it.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to use one but that is just out of habit.  It’s hard to explain the touch screen.  You move your finger around as many things including keys on the keyboard highlight under it.  When you want to select something you click the screen – and I mean you actually press it in until it clicks.  Sounds weird but actually a very nice design to eliminate accidentally selecting things.

I spent about 20 minutes or so navigating around on it and asking questions of the Verizon employee who was very knowledgeable about most things Storm.  I loved the full HTML browser and the 3.2 mega-pixel camera was decent.  Typing wasn’t too difficult once you figured out how to get to where you wanted to type.  The keyboard was huge on the screen and hiding the keyboard took a bit to figure out as it wasn’t just a single tap on the screen to hide it.

Definitely a lot of bells and whistles and and full of hype.  Overall I thought it was good hype though and pretty impressed.  If (and when) I get one (which I probably will), I will definitely be bringing the manual along for a while to figure out some of the shortcuts and features since it is that radically different than other Blackberries.

I also found out that along with the $100 off for waiting 20 months since I got my last Blackberry, there will also be a $50 mail-in rebate.  Final price $99.  I think I can afford that.  I’ll have to wait however until December 24 to get it as that is when I am eligible for the discount.  Fortunately the Verizon store will be open Christmas Eve.  How nice a Christmas present that would make.  And I thought my Christmas shopping was done!


One response to “Curiosity about the Blackberry Storm got the best of me…

  1. I’ve had my Storm for less than a week and have to say that when I first started fumbling around, it was a bit cumbersome, a little clumsy in my hand, and s-l-o-w. By slow, I mean finger taps and most notably the accelerometer (switching from portrait to landscape). I was ready to give up on it and go back to my good ol’ BB 8830 until I talked to BB support and they informed me that a new software version had just been released.

    What a difference! After getting to know how to do simple things (moving the cursor around an email, block highlighting (to cut/paste/delete), typing and more – I must say it is A NICE DEVICE. Reading the many reviews on the internet are discouraging, but I really like it and believe it’s a keeper!

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