Does the Blackberry Storm live up to the hype?

I called Verizon the other day and asked about what it would cost to upgrade my Blackberry 8703e to the Storm since my 2-year contract is up in the middle of December.  I was told that I could get $100 off any phone with a 2-year extension.  Being a guy who loves having the latest technology (but doesn’t always get it), my heart started to pound a little as I ran upstairs from my home office desk to let me wife know that the Blackberry Storm might soon be the new companion at my side.

Blackberry Storm advertising is everywhere – Billboards, magazine ads, TV commercials, online ads, email, SPAM and the works.  But does the Storm live up to all the hype?  The verdict is out on that one.  Being that I provide Blackberry support and am in the market for one I have been scouring websites and trying to find people that have them.  Unfortnately I can pretty much scratch the people who have them off my list as no one I know personally owns a Storm – yet.  But that’s OK.  The internet has a wealth of information about them. 

From what I have read there are mixed reviews.  Some say Blackberry should stick with what it knows.  Other’s say it is going to give the iPhone a run for the money and be the “iPhone Killer”.  It appears that all of the Blackberry features (and then some) including full Blackberry Enterprise Server capabilities are there – which for me is the most important feature.  If I couldn’t wirelessly sync everything on my Blackberry with my Exchange server using the BES – I’d probably look no further than the billboards I saw while driving.

Hopefully within a month or so I will have this new companion at my side.  So coming from a guy who is planning on getting one – I’ll have to keep you posted on whether or not the Blackberry Storm is worth the hype.


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