Which Blackberry is the best for business?

Welcome to my blog.  Steve the Blackberry Expert here to bring you all kinds of interesting information about Blackberries. 

I’ve been asked numerous times – “Which Blackberry is the best?” or “Which Blackberry should I get for my business?”  The answer “Depends” just won’t do. 

Here is one of the best comparision articles that I have found.  It’s at Tech Republic called Sanity Check: Best Blackberry for business?  Pearl vs. Curve vs. World Edition.  It lists out the differences between each then provides a verdict at the end.  In case you just have to know or don’t have time to read the article – the Blackberry Curve (8300 series) is the most popular among business users.  Being that it is reasonably priced with a full keyboard is what I believe makes the Curve the winner over the Pearl and the World Edition.


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